Home Project: Spice Rack

This spice rack has sat on my counter for years and I have never used it; not once.  Irack like how it looks and the way it (could) organize my life- everything matching and  in its place- but it wasn’t actually adding any value to my home by taking up space and being useless. Every month when I would pick up each individual bottle to dust them I would think about recycling the whole thing into something I would use and I finally found some time and prioritized the project because it feels good to cross things off my to-do list.

1. It’s best to start by deciding how you want the finished product to look. You’ll need to decide if you want to place your labels on the lids or on the sides of the jars. I chose the lids– I tend to look down on the rack so it’s easier to see this way and I preferred the look of clean jars.

2. I chose labels that were pre-made online and printed them off onto sheets of sticker paper I purchased from an office supply store. You can find the labels I used here, but if you’re savvy you could create your own! The lids to my seasoning jars are an 1.5” wide so after printing out the sheets of labels onto the sticker paper I punched the labels out with a 1.5” craft punch.

3. I cleaned both the jars and lids with hot soapy water- and this helped remove the previous labels that were still on there.

4. You’ll want to make sure everything is completely dry before moving forward. I let everything sit out overnight on a drying rack. Water in your spices or under your stickers would be bad news.

5. Place your labels on your jars and fill them up with herbs and spices that you’ll reach for frequently! You can purchase spices in bulk at stores like WinCo and Whole Foods allowing you to avoid the waste of the bottles they sell them in and you can purchase just the amount you need!

What tiny home projects do you have that you could cross off your list this weekend?


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