It’s time for an oil change.

I was sitting in early morning meditation– having already expressed intent at the beginning to be given direction– concentrating on my breathing and watching the slow still shots of thoughts float by…into ever deeper breathing… a dark image came. I could barely make out the image through the sticky blackness that was created and I could feel the pain, anger, frustration, and hopelessness of the people there. This all happened in seconds of course and I knew instinctively where I was. So I sent my light out to Louisiana, knowing the Angels know where it is needed, and the image slowly drifted by like the others. gulf_oil_spill_leak16

I wasn’t more than a few seconds into my deep breathing again when Oliver, The Cat, jumped up on the side of the tub to say good morning. I scratched under his chin and then went back to my meditations. Perhaps feeling ignored, he spun around to leave and knocked a bottle of baby oil (which apparently wasn’t shut tightly) right into the bath water. Not one minute later I was having my own personal gulf spill situation. Made particularly annoying because I hate baby oil (this was not my bottle), I’m sorry–what is the purpose of this stuff? Tell me in what situation do you need something that gets everywhere, feels greasy, leaves stains, and refuses to come off without scrubbing down with soap at least three times? Anyways, I digress. As I came up out of the water (attracting all the surface oil on my way) to scrub off in the shower I of course realised, humbly, that the small and comical problem this was for me did not approach the horror that is the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that is happening right now. And between the inspiration during meditation, and the demonstration portion of the bath, I felt sure this should be the subject I search through next.

More than a month into the BP oil disaster and it is still leaking tens of thousands of barrels a day (by many estimates), BP isn’t close to solving this issue and hurricane season starts Tuesday. This company, this BP (whatever that means–and it turns out nothing, more on that later), is single-handily ruining our oceans, and damaging the planets food chain from the very bottom up. Can this be solved before entire biological species’ reproductive systems are altered or they are destroyed all together? Could the government step in and help solve the problem and send BP the bill later?

I was curious about this company that according to our President is supposed to be responsible for this disaster so I did some digging (no pun intended) around and found that it is only ever referred to as some “British oil giant”… what? According to the abbreviation for BP once referred to British Petroleum but in 2000 the company dropped the name and left the abbreviation, standing for…nothing. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), on of the largest PSU companies in India, is also often connected with BP but they actually have investors, individuals and institutions, worldwide. So much for an accurate boycott.

I don’t know. I don’t know how to fix this. But I do know something about lighthouses.


“When the lighthouse strikes its light, it does not measure the storm. It does not judge the storm. It does not say to itself, “I must understand where this is all going” before it shines the light. All it knows is that it was built to endure darkness, mighty wind and the waves that will crash endlessly over its structure. It’s not afraid, either. It doesn’t know when the storm will end, how powerful it will become, or the reasoning behind its creation…It never questions how it became light, either, but it knows who it is, and what it is for. It also knows that the light it carries is expected and those in the dark are looking for it.”

-Kryon, Book Eleven
It is my hope (Hebrews 6:19), that all of us as spiritual lighthouses, shine forward our light into the darkness that surrounds this situation. That we help to manifest change for them without our own ideas as to how it should be done. Just visualizing Louisiana in peace and prosperity. Magical things have happened in my meditations and prayers since I’ve been approaching them without an agenda. Sometimes I simply ask Father to send me the inspiration I need; sometimes I just manifest the pure light of Spirit around me and let Heaven direct it to where it is needed. The intention is there but I am not placing any limitations on Spirit by saying how it ought to be done or by when. Instead of praying, “Please let this top kill plan work before Tuesday when hurricane season gets here” I just pray, “Please bless Louisiana is be clean, prosperous, and joyful.” Heaven can handle the who’s, whats, wheres, and whys of the miracles– and not putting limitations on them leaves space for more of them to be used.

“Let your light shine before men…” (Mathew 5:16)


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